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Investors & Partners

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Odin Encore actively partners with other Family Offices that may have access to private deals but lack the resources to fully develop such opportunities. We help evaluate these opportunities using the same formula we apply to all our investments. Following an extensive diligence process we will employ the right structure of capital to match the opportunity and ensure a constructive level of ongoing governance and strategic engagement for the investment. Importantly, we invest our own capital on a side-by-side basis to ensure a complete alignment of interest with our partners on each and every investment. 


In addition to partnering on individual deals, Odin Encore has extensive experience serving as an outsourced CIO. We can assist our Family Office partners in developing a private markets strategy and then find the right opportunities to fit this strategy. Our approach, experience and philosophy allow us to be transparent partners and to produce superior long-term results and favorable asymmetric risk-return outcomes.

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