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Our Investment Focus

Since we are investing our own capital and are not subject to the usual constraints of a fund we are able  to custom tailor the terms of each of our investments. Our investment horizon is long-term and directed exclusively at companies where we can partner with owner-managers to create operational and financial transformation to produce superior outcomes. Our value is our experience, analytical rigor, broad networks, strategic vision and our ability to execute. Most importantly we will use this experience to align our interests and the structure of our capital to those of the needs and interests of the company or project in the most efficient manner possible.

Situational Characteristics

  • Owner-managers that have commitment, shared vision, and passion about their business

  • Businesses or projects with a clear value proposition and competitive advantages

  • A vision and strategic plan to grow superior operational results

  • Companies that have compelling profitability characteristics and growth potential 

Types of Transactions

  • Partial liquidity events

  • Partner buyouts

  • Expansion capital and acquisition finance 

  • Turnaround capital

  • Project Finance and Real Estate Transactions 

Types of Investment Provided

  • Minority equity interests

  • Preferred and structured equity 

  • Mezzanine loans

  • Secured financings 

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