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While Odin Encore’s partners have many years of experience as both operators and investors and believe in a structured approach to each investment, we recognize that every situation is unique. We pride ourselves on the ability to engage with existing owners and management to understand their business and work with them to identify and develop new growth opportunities. Once these opportunities are determined, we will work to find the right mix and structure of capital and to establish the right points of ongoing strategic support to ensure success.  

Our formula is simple -- to balance these factors with our ability to provide flexible debt or equity capital aligned to the needs of the underlying business and our desire to be a long-term partner at every step of the way.


Our process is transparent and straight forward and starts with rigorous diligence and dialogue and collaborative affirmation regarding the value potential of the business or project. Through this diligence and discussion we ensure alignment with business owners, structure a similarly aligned capital investment to fit the opportunity and agree on a the right balance of ongoing strategic support through participation at the board or advisory level.

Our Investment Philosophy

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