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Recent Transactions


JB & Company Electronics

  • Regionally focused family-owned electrical parts manufacturer run by founder that did not want to expand the business into other markets

  • Invested in combination of equity capital and senior debt with equity kickers that gave us an 11% interest in the company with rights of first refusal on any buy-sell and a board seat

  • Established key strategic objectives: (1) bring in CEO from outside, (2) develop marketing plan for expansion, (3) operational improvement of facilities and cost structure, and (4) enhancements to sales and marketing teams

  • Brought in new CEO that was able to attract new sales and marketing team, significantly enhanced cost structure through data and general advancements in production, and had new CEO and CMO develop expansion plan

  • Repositioned debt structure and borrowed at more attractive level that was necessary for expansion 

  • Grew revenues (60%), EBITDA (55%), and net income (55%) in each of the first three years

  • Sold company to a competitor for a MOIC of 2.98x, including the conversion of the options embedded in debt 

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